Training & Education

  • 2014-now: Post Doctoral Research Associate, Chemical Engineering, Purdue University
  • 2010-2014: Ph. D., Chemical Engineering, Southeast University
  • 2006-2010: B. S., Chemical Engineering, Southeast University

Student Mentored

  • Rexonni B. Lagare (Purdue University), Ph.D. student, November 2017-Present
  • Yuan Wang (Purdue University), visiting Ph.D. candidate, November 2017-Present
  • Lindsey Blanshan (Purdue University), undergraduate student, August 2017-Present
  • Johnny Zhuchen (Purdue University), Ph.D. student, January 2017-Present
  • Slgi Choi (Purdue University), Ph.D. student, January-May 2017
  • Nuttanit Pramounmat (Purdue University), graduate student, January-August 2017
  • Marina Lourencone (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), undergraduate student, May-August 2016
  • Nichlas A. Contino (Purdue University), undergraduate student, September 2015-May 2016
  • Jose Saucedo (University of Houston), SURF undergraduate student, May-August 2015
  • Zhi-yang Yu (Purdue University), undergraduate student, April-May 2015
  • Yu-cheng Wang (Purdue University), undergraduate student, January-May 2015
  • Ian Levette (Queensland University, Australia), visiting master student, January-July 2014
  • Kurtis M. Bergman (Purdue University), undergraduate student, August-December 2013
  • Jia Chen (Southeast University, China), undergraduate student, March-July 2012
  • Xiaolu Yan (Southeast University, China), undergraduate student, March-December 2011

Computer skills

  • OS: Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows
  • Programming: Python, C/C++
  • ChE: Aspen Suite, VASP, ANSYS
  • LaTeX, Microsoft Office
  • Scientific: Matlab


All contents on this website are for presentation purposes only, intended to show an overlook of my research areas.

If you have any question or comment, please contact me via email.

Contact Details


FRNY 2016
Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University
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West Lafayette,
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